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IT Services for Non Profit Organisations

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“Charity ... is kind, it is not easily provok’d, it thinks no evil, it believes all things, hopes all things.” 

Cotton Mather

IT Services geared up for charitable organisations and non profits.

We have been working with Charities since we started the business and have a good understanding of the needs of nonprofit organisations.  Our flexible and extremely competitive IT support services are designed for charities as we offer flexible, contract free support.

For any charities, churches, nonprofit organisations that have occasional onsite support services from Wolvern IT, we provide initial telephone support free of charge and only charge when the required solution will require a significant amount of time to resolve. 


We strive to build a great working relationships with all of our customers and as part of this we seek to create an IT Support model that meets the individual needs of each organisation.

Wolvern IT are providers of Technology Solutions and Support Services for all sizes of organisation.  We are more than happy to take on support of any existing infrastructure, to provide support on it, to expand it or migrate it.  

Wolvern IT

We take care of all of your IT needs

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